Podcasts and Blogs we like

Anxious & Angry – Ryan Young from Off With Their Heads talks about punk rock, mental health and cats every week on his podcast, with special guests.

Turned Out A Punk – Damien Abraham from Fucked Up talks record collections, punk origin stories and being a parent every week on his podcast, with special guests.

Washed Up Emo Podcast – Join Tom Mullen for a look back at when emo was an unknown word, its relevance now with special guests that have been deeply involved with the emo/post-hardcore scene.

Just Can’t Hate Enough – Max Bienkowski & Nathan Bean choose one movie, one TV show and one album each episode and pathologically dissect them, hoping for some shred of redeemability. Prone to going off on tangents, pretty funny.

White Trash Rob’s Nodcast – White Trash Rob talks about writing music, hardcore, punk, overcoming addiction, mental health, and growing up on the mean streets of Charlestown MA. Not for the faint of heart.

Dungeon Punx A bunch of dudes (including those responsible for Just Can’t Hate Enough and Corehammer) try to talk about Dungeons & Dragons, table top strategy games, comics and punk rock with often hilarious consequences and lots of digression from the matter at hand.

Athletico Mince Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson bring you the comedy podcast with a cast-iron guarantee of at least 8% football content.


Musically Fresh – Musically Fresh is a constant community revolving door of writers on a simple “whenever you have time” and “come back whenever” basis, so with that… just… #StayFresh

Ear Nutrition – spare time audio dieticians with the objective of uncovering the best underground and Alternative guitar-driven music from the UK and beyond.

Shout Louder – A music ‘zine for punks that don’t like paper cuts!

Corehammer A blog dedicated to table top gaming, hardcore punk, role playing games and generally being out of step with the world.

Miasma of Pestilence In the unlikely event that any of you wonder what Tony of Nurgle gets up to instead of going to shows or general social interaction with actual human beings, then look no further…

Bad Sandwich Chronicles Brendan Kelly (The Lawrence Arms, The Falcon, Slapstick etc. etc.), Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!) and Brian Fallon (Gaslight Anthem) write a blog which is a mixture of scatological humor, social commentary, and stories of life in music.