Interview with Frankie Stubbs of Leatherface (part 1)

The other week, I sat down and talked with Frankie Stubbs at Wharf Chambers in Leeds. Frankie is/was the singer and guitarist of legendary Sunderland punk band Leatherface. He’s recently taken to the road in a solo capacity with his acoustic guitar, playing Leatherface songs and dropping the occasional anecdote.

So yeah, interview… I was a bit nervous, as I right like Leatherface, me. I found Frankie to be a very affable bloke; warm and softly spoken – not to mention very open. This stands in contrast to what people may expect based on reputation or scene whispering about volatility and cantankerousness.

Anyway, as I was saying, I sat down and had a chat with Frankie (which you can listen to below). We discussed what had inspired him to go out on the road on a solo basis, the sad passing of Dickie Hammond, and how strange working in a factory can be. Unfortunately we had to cut things short, but there will be a part 2 coming at some point in the not too distant future… a conversationg to which I am massively looking forward…

Tony of Nurgle is a true child of the North, recently returned to Yorkshire and residing in Leeds (after close to a decade living in exile in Croydon and South East London). He used to co-run a specialist record store in Manchester (Roadkill Records), and also several years as a promoter, and put on shows for the likes of Leatherface, the Loved Ones, Lucero, Minus The Bear, These Arms Are Snakes, Spy vs Spy, Latterman etc. He also spent several years DJing at shady rock clubs in Manchester, and started the infamous Thursday night "punk room" at Jilly's Rockworld. Also responsible for Middle Finger Response, and collaborated with a couple of friends on a monthly night called Refuse to Lose, which will still occasionally reunite the original DJ line-up - next event at Retro in Manchester on 07/09/2019. Apart from that, it's all bitterness and a jaundiced view of human nature, occasionally skateboarding, always exhausted, often reading books with maps in the front.

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