New tracks from upcoming releases

What up, you crazy kids. Here’s something to hold you over until we get some more pieces up. These are some new tracks to be excited about from forthcoming releases:

1. Joyce Manor – Fake ID (taken from Cody, out October, Epitaph Records)

More emotional indie rock meets classic pop punk from these gents.

2. John K Samson – Postdoc Blues (taken from Winter Wheat, out October, Anti)

Former front-man of The Weakerthans and ex-Propagandhi guitarist returns with more introverted, bi-polar indie rock. This is awesome.

3. Ramallah – The Truth​.​.​. It’s Colder Than A Morgue Slab And Harder Than A Coffin Nail (from forthcoming as yet untitled album, release TBC, State Line Records

White Trash Rob (of Blood for Blood, Sinners & Saints) returns from the land of Nod with this churning, bitter, raging cut of belligerent hardcore from the as yet to be titled as yet to be slated for release new record, which he’s working on at the moment. Watch this space…

4. Touché Amoré – Skyscraper (taken from Stage Four, out 16th September, Epitaph)

Trad 2nd wave style emo meets borderline skramz. Compelling.

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