The Globs – Do You Feel Weird? (Dead Broke Rekerds, 2017)

The Globs hail from Sacramento, California, and feature members of The Bananas & Charles Albright. The Dead Broke site describes them as scrappy lo-fi rock & roll pop – which upon hearing, kinda makes sense. Beyond this, it’s kinda hard to draw together any information on a casual internet search. But… I kinda enjoy that aspect. It adds a whole cool layer of mystery to the whole shebang.

I’m really into the whole approach that seems to have been taken in putting this recording out there. Particularly the cover art which seems to have been put together with a sheet of lined paper, a biro and a highlighter pen. It can of puts me in mind of that weird but funny and totally unofficial contest that Pavement and Sebadoh had going on between them, as to who could make the cheapest video, back in the mid- 90s.

The recording itself definitely has a lo-fi sound to it, in the solid and time-honoured tradition of your punk or hardcore demo tape. It adds an extra feeling of fun to what sounds like some good friends rocking out some solid jams in a practice space. In terms of the music itself, we are talking trad Look Out! Records style pop-punk, with a seriously power pop bent. It’s also got a strong element that seems to be common to more modern takes on these sounds, too. I found the back and forth boy-girl vocals totally charming. Ditto the synths that appear a little low down in the mix.

In order to try and get across what this sounds like, I’m kinda hearing a Joyce Manor meets the Teen Idols meets Mr T Experience kinda thing. Maybe a bit of Zombina & the Skeletones. It’s infectious. It’s fun. So go listen on the bandcamp player below, you crazy fool:

My favourite cuts are probably opening track Spiral Stairs and closer The Innocent Origins of Sinister Fun. Tony of Nurgle verdict: 9/10.

You can get one of the white cassette tapes w/ blue ink (only 100 pressed and comes w/ download code) direct from Dead Broke

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