Pizzatramp – Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan Plus 13 Songs (TNS Records, 2018)

Alright thrash-heads. If you didn’t check out Pizzatramp’s debut full length, Blowing Chunks, you can check the review right here (you can also listen to it there as well). The vinyl version sold out quick smart mate, but they still got CDs on their bandcamp page

Moving on to more pertinent things, such as this record, what we have here is something of a compilation of the best tracks from Pizzatramp’s 4 earlier EP releases handily packaged together on one LP. A whole 23 songs of crossover thrash Wales style, none of which overtop the two minute mark by much, many that seriously undercut it. As I mentioned when reviewing Blowing Chunks, there’s very little time spared for fucking about, by and large, which is all to the good, if you ask me.

It’s proved to be a pretty handy release for me, as I never quite got around to checking out the EP releases. By and large, the quality of the recordings are pretty decent, given that they were probably done on the cheap (the band claim to spend all their money on getting wasted – a worthy objective). As for the songs themselves, the drumming is immense. Fucking immense. It powers the songs along nicely. The guitars are nice and chunky. The vocals are clear enough to discern most of the lyrics (some of which are admittedly a bit juvenile). These lads have an amount of criticism for social media and its users. We’ll leave it at that.

Stylistically speaking, much as I said in the album review, there’s a lot of Municipal Waste influence going on here, only I suppose with a more metallic skate punk element ala RKL and early 90s NOFX, not to mention stuff like Suicidal Tendencies and DRI. I guess you could throw in a dash of Good Clean Fun too. Only this fun ain’t good or clean mate – it’s as far from straight edge as you could get without being EyeHateGod.

pic courtesy of Mark Richards

From an objective standpoint, on a release 23 songs can usually be a bit much on one release. Y’know, like all cumbersome or baggy or some shit? But here, it’s all over with quickly enough that there’s not too much opportunity to get bored. Obviously, there’s a few songs that I’d maybe have left off here as I didn’t think they were quite up to the standard of the others, but them shits are short mate, so it’s all gravy.

Bonus points for the song that closes out this collection, Bono’s a Fucking Cunt, though – which offers a pretty decent criticism of that awful song where U2 claim that The Ramones are their musical heroes or some shit. The mosh part and lyric overlay at the end is genius. It’s also one of the top cuts on here, along with Tramp Life. Anyways, go check it out -release day was 19/01/18 …

Tony of Nurgle rating 7.5/10

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