Fucked & Bound – Suffrage (Atomic Action Records, 2018)

Fucked & Bound are a female fronted hardcore combo out of Seattle. This is harder than a kick in the fucking grid, and they certainly don’t need anyone to speak for them, they’ve had their fill of your bullshit, mate. Hence I shall drop in the ever popular Bandcamp player right here and invite your sorry asses to hit play right now:

This is completely and utterly uncompromising, crusty hardcore punk with a leaning toward D-Beat. It’s faster than three bastards – cramming 13 eyeball bursting ragers into around 21 minutes. As a rough guide, soundwise, I’d describe this as sitting somewhere between F-Minus, Petrol Girls, Nausea and Discharge as a starting point, but also prone to both slowed down grind breaks as well as supercharged pummelling sections of Infest influenced powerviolence parts.

Thematically (as you’ve no doubt garnered from the title), Suffrage has a feminist theme, and issues addressed here are certainly from a female / feminist perspective. Obviously I could never call myself a feminist as I’ve not had the benefit of experiencing life from a female perspective, but I’m fully in support of the feminist cause (apart from those extreme and distasteful views espoused by some – such as Kathleen Hannah – regarding transgender individuals; for a cause that amongst other things is addressing inequality and discrimination, people surely do come out with some dumb, blinkered shit).

Anyway… This record is angry and rightly so. If you are a guy, think of this as society’s revenge for every shitty thing you’ve done or said to a woman (or thought about). If you are a woman, perhaps this could (or should) be representative of YOUR revenge, sharp in tooth and claw, blood and spittle flecked. Not that any woman needs me (or anyone else for that matter) to suggest this of course.

This is everything hardcore punk should be: visceral, thought provoking, pissed off, message laden, nihilistic, outspoken and hard as fucking nails mate.

Tony of Nurgle rating 8/10.

You can buy the LP direct from Atomic Action Records here

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