Somerset Thrower – Godspeed (Dead Broke Rekerds, 2018)

The regular readers amongst you will recall that I recently declared that Somerset Thrower were a new band to me, in my review of their recent(ish) split tape with Mouth. To briefly reiterate their background, the line-up includes members of Agent, Polygon, and Halfway to Hell Club, all of which are local to Long Island.

In the previous review I mentioned that these guys kind of sound somewhere between Husker Du and The Replacements jamming out classic Doughboys cuts. It’s a description that I feel carries across pretty well to this full length offering, and which Somerset Thrower have expanded upon in a particularly worthy manner.

The sound here is big and bold, and the production really foregrounds that. I feel myself being kinda spiritually uplifted as I’m listening along. I feel like this band ‘get’ me. Or at least I ‘get’ them. I suppose that’s the entire point of emotive melodic punk rock though, right? There’s definitely hints of that searing sound of Samiam, Medictation and Racquet Club here; that raw as hell feeling that’s all wrapped up in sensitivity and the frenzied gnashing of teeth, mate.

I can’t help but feel like this band should be massive (although whether they would want that for themselves or not, considering the pressures of success and all…). Without wanting to make whack comparisons here, I kind of feel like I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that this is what Foo Fighters almost kinda had the potential to sound like all those years ago when they started out. Only they never could as they were too bogged down in mediocrity, big egos, lack of songs, low levels of creativity and were utterly bereft of any sincerity whatsoever. That’s without even mentioning that they only appeal to people that totally hate music. Anyway, fuck the Foo Fighters, man. I’m also willing to state with 100% confidence that any song on this record stands head and shoulders (and realistically, entire torso) above anything Sunny Day Real Estate ever did (but then, for me they are one of the world’s most overrated bands). Man, I feel like I’m really getting into some kind of unexpected rant, here. But after the morning I’ve had, Godspeed is about the only thing preventing me from spraying the walls with my fucking brains.

Anyway, the construction and composition of these songs is just incredible. The songs seem to naturally power themselves along. I don’t think I could possibly recommend this record enough. It’s an end to end barn burner that has simultaneously got me right in the feels but has also filled me with what I guess is about as close as I ever get to ebullience, whilst simultaneously reminding me that life is also dragging me through the dirt right now. It’s a heady concoction, and one which I think is gonna make Godspeed a contender for album of the year. If this shit doesn’t make people’s end of year lists, then they need to be having strong words with themselves. A blinding Tony of Nurgle rating of 10/10.

Check it out for your bad self below:

This joint is available on LP from the Dead Broke Rekerds webstore (edition of 350, incl. 100 on orange) or as a digital download from the Dead Broke Rekerds bandcamp page

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