Blind Girls premiere new track – Exertion

Blind Girls from the Gold Coast in Australia. They are set to release their new album, Residue digitally on November 13th as a self-release. The physical release will be via Zegema Beach Records, who are based in Canada. Residue will be available in the following physical formats (which are expected to ship November/ December 2018):
150 x black 12″ records
65 x red tapes

Apathy and Exhaustion are proud to be sharing this cut from Residue with you readers and listeners, with thanks to the kind folks in Blind Girls and at Zegema Beach Records.

Admittedly, I don’t know a whole load about the screamo and emo-violence scenes, but I feel this cut, entitled Exertion has a really visceral tooth n’ claw ethos to it, and it brings to mind stuff like Circle Takes The Square, Orchid, Bucket Full of Teeth and Pg.99. Zegema Beach Records head honcho David Norman, who is much more knowledgable than me agrees with the Orchid and Bucket Full of Teeth comparison, but adds that the vocals feel shriekier, and that the music is much faster than Circle Takes The Square. He also reckons that the Blind Girls sound recalls the likes of Lord Snow, Mahria, Loma Prieta and Frail Hands in order to give a more up to date contextual reference point. To be fair, my own frame of reference does often come across as hideously out of date, as in a lot of ways I’ve not mentally moved on from the mid-2000s!

Hopefully, these descriptions and comparisons when taken alongside this exclusive stream below will help you get the picture for yourselves!

I fear that my own description of this may not do it justice, but as I said before, David Norman is kind of a guru on this stuff. Please do note that there is a full album review in the offing from somebody else that DOES know their stuff, our very own Abi Vasquez. So be sure to keep an eye out for that in the coming days… To whet your appetites for this a little further, you can check out the Blind Girls back catalogue on their bandcamp page

Pre-order information for Residue



I’ll also be sure to introduce Blind Girls, whose members (and band roles) are:
Liam Kriz – guitar
Sharni Brouwer – vocals
Julian Currie – guitar
Mark Grant – bass
Ben Smith – drums

If you are lucky enough to live in Japan, Blind Girls have an upcoming tour there with Sans Visage and Komusō. Check out the tour poster below for the dates, and go see them if you are in the area.

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