Horror Section – s/t LP (Eccentric Pop Records, 2018)

OK, this is the first of a bunch articles in which I will attempt to catch up on some stragglers from 2018. Wish me luck as I apologise to various bands for being so untimely… er, sorry?

Horror Section are coming at you from . They are apparently inspired by grindhouse style cinema. As well as the Ramones and a whole raft of Ramones and horror punk bands. The horror element is I suppose what helps them stand out from the crowd of Ramones inspired bands doing the rounds at the moment. Which I just as well, as without that, I feel like they’d just blur into the background a bit.

Without wanting to cause insult or offence, there are a bunch of bands doing the whole Ramones inspired thing much better than this, whether they be veterans like The Queers, relatively big hitters like Teenage Bottle Rocket or smaller scale acts like The Murderburgers and so on. This isn’t bad by any stretch, but I couldn’t see myself sticking this on over my favourite records by any of the above. I would be interested to see how this band develops, though, given that their previous 7in records have all sold out they clearly have a devoted following. If you are broadly into this type of thing, it’s certainly worthy of your time, I would think.

Tony of Nurgle rating: 7/10

Check it out below:

You can pick this up on yellow vinyl from Eccentric Pop Records

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