Masked Intruder – III (Pure Noise Records, 2019)

I never thought I’d see the day. Masked Intruder have left Fat Wreck Chords for what I can assume is a more lucrative label or something. I mean there’s some properly toss bands on Pure Noise, mate. I shit you not. Will this move have any impact on the phenomenon that is Masked Intruder? Read on…

Well, long story short – this is so obviously a Masked Intruder record, it’s verging on the ridiculous. To me, that’s certainly know bad thing. I mean, how could it possibly be a BAD thing?! What I mean to say is that this is exactly what you would expect from a Masked Intruder record – and that’s about all I expect and desire from them. Sometimes progression is a great thing, sometimes (this being a perfect example) progress isn’t required and would be entirely superfluous; nay, it would be ruinously bad.

Anyway. We have 12 more blasts of sugary, syrup drenched pop magic right here. All served up 100% as expected: vomit inducingly catchy power pop / trad pop punk hybridised into instantly memorable high-octane ditties. If you are unitiated in the world of Masked Intruder, then this is as good a jumping on point as any. The songs are varyingly about unrequited love, and, er… doing crimes and the like. While this stuff is certainly tongue in cheek, the witticisms about and romanticisation of petty crime is as ever utterly charming and entirely accessible given the ever-present cop and crime shows that pervade the popular TV culture of our times.

I honestly don’t understand how anybody could hear this band and not think they are great. They’ve even surpassed the previous high benchmark that they set with their previous joints. Love it. If you dig on pop punk stuff like The Queers, Mr T Experience, early Green Day, The Raging Nathans and Teenage Bottlerocket you’ll be wanting to take a swig from this bottle, innit. Tony of Nurgle rating: 9.5/10.

Check this killer joint out below:

You can pick this up on digital download from the Pure Noise Records bandcamp page or on red / black splatter LP in the UK from the webstore. Other Pure Noise stores for for various other countries can be accessed here

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