Parsnip – When The Trees Bear Fruit (Trouble In Mind, 2019)

Parsnip are an all female 4-piece from Melbourne, Australia. They first came to my attention courtesy of Juice at Drunken Sailor Records who has a real knack for getting on to the hottest properties way before anyone else, it seems.

Picture credit: Dani Hansen

This is worlds apart from anything else I’ve been listening to recently. Or possibly ever. If it’s possible to sound absurd and serious at the same time, then Parsnip seem to have achieved it. I suppose the easiest way to describe this is fairly gentle, twee, keyboard driven, “quirky” indie-pop. I really dislike the word “quirky” though. The vocals are oddly childlike, which is both bizarre and oddly endearing… and maybe, just maybe a bit creepy on some level.

In real terms I find it helpful to say who I think bands sound like in order to try and bring some semblance of order to my often muddled thought processes. Parts of this record put me in mind of early Pavement for some reason (despite sounding nothing like early Pavement), but the overarching feeling for me is something like The Moldy Peaches covering Beach Boys songs, but with the keys from Hank Wood & The Hammerheads. Whatever you want to call it or liken it to, it’s delightful in its seeming innocence and simplicity. There’s no denying that. I find myself amazed to say that I actually like something Trouble in Mind are releasing, as for sure they’ve curled out some right turds prior to this ‘un. Tony of Nurgle rating: 9/10

Have a gentle old blast of this record on the bandcamp player below:

When The Trees Bear Fruit is available now for pre-order (release date is 30/08/2019) on black vinyl (the green sold out), CD or for digital download from the Parsnip bandcamp page (where you can also find their previous 7in records and so on).

Find out more on the Parsnip Facebook page

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