The Queers – Reverberation (Cleopatra Records / Sexy Baby Records / Tapehead City, 2021)

OK. It’s no secret I’m a fan of all things Lookout! Records and very much a fan of The Queers.

This album is all covers. It is mainly comprised of 19and garage stuff. A lot of the songs presented here I’ve never heard before.

I’ll keep it brief as you already know I’ll like it, but… you can really tell Joe King loves this source material. The poppy rock n’ roll stuff has always been the forte of The Queers, Don’t Back Down for me probably coming the top of the pile. I’d say this collection of songs just feels effortlessly natural.

Every song is played like it’s their own, but with absolute respect to the originals.

Pop perfection dudes.

I’m not gonna score this, coz you know what I think, right?

Available on CD or coloured vinyl from Cleopatra records and on cassette from Tapehead City

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