The Slackers – Don’t Let the Sunlight Fool Ya (Pirates Press Records, 2022

There are few bands as life affirming for me as The Slackers. Despite having more of a laid back trad ska / soul / reggae vibe going on, they’ve always been attached to the punk rock scene, which I’m not sure has been a help or a hindrance to them. However, without that attachment I would have never come accross them.

This new record is great. You’d hardly expect me to say anything else, though, would you?! I would urge you just to check it out. Perfect BBQ muic for a lazy sunny afternoon.

As usual, this is effortlessly cool and lyrically on point. This is prime Slackers material. There’s even a great reworking of Rancid’s Wrongful Suspicion that I believe Vic Ruggiero wrote with the band as a little punk rock Easter Egg if you need a foot in the Slackers’ door or additional encouragement to check this out!

You can get this from decent indie retailers, or direct from the Pirates Press Records webstore on a range of vinyl options Halloween Orange / Easter Yellow, Grimace Purple / Cyan or classic black) or CD.

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