Acrylics – Structure / Gluttony (Drunken Sailor Records / Iron Lung, 2017)

This crew from Santa Rosa, California have what strikes me as a relentless, dark take on the ever influential US hardcore sound of the early 1980s. Sort of puts me in mind of a weird hybrid of Rollins era Black Flag, Drive Like Jehu and the Jesus Lizard . Only fed through a meat grinder of serious crust-lite.

It’s a rapid one-two to the physiognomy that’s punishing, obnoxious AND compelling in equal measure. There’s something overtly sinister about this that specifically put me in mind of a nightmarish alternate reality, where I find myself blundering through a pitch black maze, being stalked by gigantic irradiated insects. The drums are relentless, the vocals are riding a peak between panic and outright mania. The guitars kind of put me in mind of some of Converge’s more straightforward work. It all sounds as evil as fuck.

It’s pretty short though, this. Blink and you’ll miss it. But double thumbs up, as I hate time wasting and unnecessary navel gazing when it comes to music. Definitely not suitable for mouth-breathers.

Check it out on the bandcamp player below:

You can hook this up from Juice at Drunken Sailor right here

Americans – go to Iron Lung here

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