Kississippi – Sunset Blush (Alcopop Records / Lesser Matters, 2018)

Kississippi is the moniker / alter ego of one Zoe Reynolds. She’s been putting out demos and EPs for a while (since 2014), all of which you can find on her bandcamp page. I’d best describe this record as a collection of indie-pop ballads, I suppose. The album takes its name from a flavour of “wine cooler”, which is as far as I can gather, a boxed wine-based alcoholic drink, interestingly enough favoured by one of the protagonists in gnarly modern werewolf tale, Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones.

This is admittedly not really the kind of thing I’d typically spend loads of time listening to, but there is something gripping about Kississippi. There’s an inescapable fragility to this material; and yet it’s underscored by a steely inner strength and resolve. The vocal is simultaneously raw and tenderly angelic, evoking feelings of heartbreak, secret shame, small pleasures, and triumph and tragedy.

Entirely suitable for folks that dig on Slingshot Dakota, La Sera, Postal Service and the many projects of Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley fame).

Tony of Nurgle rating of 7/10. You can check it for out yourself on the player below:

Sunset Blush will be available on vinyl later this spring and you can pre-order from Alcopop Records here on pink and yellow splatter vinyl or on green vinyl direct from Kississipi here

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