Plini – Sunhead (Self-Released, 2018)

I have a friend who once made me listen to the 1,329 releases that Buckethead has foisted on the public over the years and despite him being a great and much loved amigo, I wanted to garrotte him with barbed chicken wire. On the initial listen of Plini’s latest EP, Sunhead, those very familiar inner primeval murderous rages began to resurface. However, it took multiple listens before I let this Aussie’s astounding musicianship win me over enough to at least appreciate this genre somewhat. Somewhat.

Upon the initial listen I was, with baited breath, waiting for Kenny G for a while; he finally pops up in the form of John Waugh in the pompously titled, Flaneur. If I was a wandering Frenchman in 19th century Paris, I most certainly wouldn’t have this on my iPod (if there was a parallel universe in which idle French dandies had access to that kind of technology).

If you put my obvious despair to one side, I can imagine fans of this music donning their outrageously expensive headphones, adopting a shit eating grin and having a lonely and tear infused wank in the corner of their tiny loft apartment in a once poverty stricken but now superbly trendy quarter of any number of Europe’s capital cities.

Not for me.

You can check this out on the bandcamp player below:

The EP is available for digital download from the Plini bandcamp page

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