Guest top ten of 2018: Juice @ Drunken Sailor Records

This is the first of (hopefully) a series of guest “top ten of 2018” articles. I thought it would be good to get the perspective of a few mates in bands and at record labels. The only rules being that they can’t include owt they’ve either played on or released themselves. Y’know to avoid bias and generally make shit more interesting, like.

I could spend ages waxing lyrical over the stuff Juice at Drunken Sailor Records releases, but I won’t do that here. Read some reviews and buy some of his excellent record releases, mate. This fellow certainly knows his stuff, and I recommend that you pay attention to all he says and does, because it’s a sensible and probably weird thing to do…

Here are Juice’s top choices of 2018 in no particular order…

Hank Wood and the Hammerheads – S/T LP

I loved the first two LPs but this might just be my favourite, listened to over and over when it came out, it makes the bad times feel right.

Solid Space – Space Museum LP

I had a bootleg of the tape that I used to play a long time ago and totally forgot about it, until I saw they were reissuing it for the first time with consent of the band, brings back nice memories. Also it rules.

Tommy and the Commies – Here Come 12″

I hope they don’t mind me saying this, but they maybe asked me to release some of these songs and i fucked about (I was probably listening to that Hank Wood LP), missed the boat. I love this shit, it ain’t original but what is, perfectly executed, i’d pogo if my body would let me.

BB and the Blips – Shame Job LP.

Good Throb released one of my favourite LPs from the last 10 years, I love Bryonys vocals, i love the lyrics, this is a total banger and hasn’t left my turntable in ages. Thrilling Living is one of the best labels and you just buy everything they release.

Constant Mongrel – Living In Excellence LP.

Australia is killing it and everything Anti Fade touches is gold, this is kinda hitting the ‘Total Control/ DIAT’ spot, total wall of sound too.

The Number Ones – Another Side of The Number Ones 7″.

The Number Ones are the best band around at the moment. Yes.

Parsnip – ST 7″.

Seriously, this 7″ is amazing, I play it, it makes me smile, i love it. I could have picked their new one but seeing as i don’t have a copy yet, i’ll go with this. This is pop in 2018 and it’s just the fucking best. Australian. on Anti Fade. Obviously.

S.H.I.T. – What Do You Stand For LP.

Relentless, The louder you play it the more hypnotic it is. My favourite punk/ hc LP this year. Killer live too.

Exek – Ahead of Two Thoughts LP.

Another Aussie band, I seemed to get into more abstract synth stuff this past year and this is one of the best. Post punk, i dunno, it’s infectious, worm in my head.

Special Interest – Spiraling LP.

One of the best debut records i have heard in ages, original and essential. Is it members of Patsy, Mystic Inane? Can’t remember but i think they have a new record coming soon and I am excited to hear it

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