Warm Needles – Discardography 2011-13 LP (Different Kitchen Records, 2019)

The beauty of writing this blog is that I sometimes end up getting to check out shit I always meant to, but never quite found the time for. Case in point being New York band, Warm Needles – yet another band that have been on the periphery of my radar range for a good few years. What better starting point could I have hoped for than this? A collection of their early works.

So aye, this was originally put out on CDR in 2014. Now it’s received a release on LP via Different Kitchen Records. I will be lazy and rip and dump from the Warm Needles bandcamp page with this synopsis:

This is a complete discography of all Warm Needles recorded material from 2011-2013. A collection of our first three 7-inches and a handful of songs off various comps. Also included is the track, “Twice as Shitty, Shitty”, which has never been released. All remastered for optimal tonal quality.

Something that I think is cool has been done in terms of packaging for this collection. Seemingly a sweep of charity shops for old shitty LPs has taken place. Stickers have been applied to the battered sleeves for the band name, album title and tracklisting and so on. And not only do you get the random coloured Discardography LP, you also get the doubtless utterly garbola slab of wax that originally resided within the sleeve. Plus permission to grab a free download from Bandcamp. Although it’s up on there for a “pay what you want” type download, so if you are a proper tightwad, you can just get it for nowt. But you know, don’t be a bell-ender, mate.

So, what’s the crack with the music, then? Basically, high awesome level grufty punk as you would expect to probably hear on a release from Long Island label, Dead Broke Rekerds or Gainsville faves No Idea Records. If somebody was to commit an egregious crime against the punk scene and render down the following acts into some kind of foul, meaty slop, and then take a few portions out and reconstitute them into something resembling musicians of some sort, then they would probably collectively sound like Warm Needles: Iron Chic, Off With Their Heads, North Lincoln and Dillinger Four.

Without wanting to overstate shit too heavily, this is probably the best odds n’ ends comp I’ve heard in a goodly while. I’d perhaps venture as far as saying it’s almost as good as the Dillinger Four ‘This Shit is Genius’ comp, its that decent. Tony of Nurgle rating: 9.5/10

Get this fantastic package on coloured LP from Alan at Different Kitchen Records

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