Kira Jari – Spooky Freaky 7in Exclusive Stream! (Dirt Cult Records, 2019)

Contain your excitement if you can, for you are about to be slapped in the chops with some exclusive new music all the way from Texas, courtesy of Dirt Cult Records…

The band themselves offer up the following: “Kira Jari is a guitar rock and pop punk band bred out of the DIY community of North Texas. Inspired by bands like LEATHERFACE and JAWBREAKER. We hang hard. Put out a demo in 2017 and ripped 2 tours that year to the west coast and Midwest. Partied at Awesome Fest in Feb 2018 and then Matt moved 1000 miles north on Interstate 35 to Minneapolis for grad school. Now every time we get together is a bonafide celebration of the spooky and freaky nature of life, existence, community and friendship. Life is fleeting, appreciate what ya got, we’ll see you out there.”

Pretty interesting, huh? These cats have managed to summarise quite a bit into one brief paragraph. They are directly citing two of my all time favourite bands as their core inspiration. A pretty well established DIY label (Dirt Cult Records) is putting this out – and my dude Chris tends not to take wild punts. Of course this is gonna rule. With no further ado check out these jams on the player below. If for some reason it doesn’t autoplay, just click the play button, innit?

The release will be limited to a pressing of 300 only, on trad black vinyl.

Digital preorder:
Physical preorder:

Find out more on the Kira

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