Choices Made – Reason for Conflict (Cursed Blessings, 2021)

Gabe from Cursed Blessings has been doing a great job of pushing me on this. He knew that I needed to hear this new joint from Toronto, Ontario’s Choices Made. I’ve been busy juggling a thousand bits of crap at the same time as attempting to return from an almost hiatus on the writing front. Anyway, Gabe, my thanks to you for your persistence and your patience.

So the question is, is Reason for Conflict either an EP or a mini-album? Where do you draw the line? Does anyone actually give a fuck what the actual difference is? No they do not. The promo blurb I was kindly given seems to indicate a 4 song 7in, but there are 6 songs here. Confused? I am. In which case, to business…

The six tracks presented here are hard as fuck, mate. They have some serious crossover appeal that I think is gonna please a whole bunch of different people. We have elements of the more metallic elements of your run-of-the-mill Epifat stable here (see Rich Kids on LSD, Propagandhi, classic period Bad Religion and also my current Australian favourites, The Phosphorus Bombs) crossing swords with both classic and more recent crossover thrash (I’m talking Cro-Mags, Suicidal Tendencies, Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan, Cross Examintion etc.). This whole blend is given some serious attitude adjustment, which I can’t help but feel is somewhere between Drain and Rotting Out.

This shit is nails, mate. Honestly. It’s like the soundtrack to how I skate (at least in my head, as in reality, I’m really terrible; but, we can as they say dream). Like ripping a crail slide revert on a gnarly pool after 4 beer bongs without dying. Anyway, enough of my crap. Hit play:

Reason for Conflict was released on 14th May via Cursed Blessings on yellow opaque with black splatter. Go pick it up.

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